Do something wrong
Answer a question that is offensive, inappropriate or just plain wrong
You just need a sense of humour
Of course our intent is to offend.
But at the same time, show that as a society we have gone too far. No matter what you say, someone will think it is offensive.
Time to fight back.
Cry with laughter or anger, we don't give a shit
Mint has nothing to do with our app. But if you are actually reading this then... wow!
Sleeping cloud
Helps soft clouds to stay pretty and nice in the blue sky, get your frustrations out in Waffle.
Bad things every day
The App is created to support peace and balance of Nature.
The app was created to help you have a laugh and piss people off.
What are you waiting for?
Political correctness is for pussys
If you don't like us go plant a tree, the Earth will be thankful to you.
Karma Bitch
All your good deeds will be noticed. Collect your karma and eternal happiness.... piss off.

Lol, no Karma here, maybe we are the first Anti-Karma app.

Our Rules
There is a big difference between being offensive or incorrect and abusing people.
Making fun of stereotypes is fine, but hate speech is not permitted and you will be deleted and removed from the app.
Do not try to promote violence with questions or answers. Some things are just not funny.
Banned Words
Our server has a list of banned words that you will not be able to post, mostly racial slurs.